Thank you for your support! So far, more than 2000 copies of dealexec have
been distributed.
Dealexec RSS is a successor to the Ben's Pocket Bargains. It is a FREE & FUN
rss reader, specifically targeting the deal hunters amongst us. Dealexec works 
just fine with the vast majority of Microsoft Smartphones and Pocket PCs.
Just make sure that it runs okay, if it doesn't - probably your unit is 
incompatible. (Currently verified to run fine on WM2003 Smartphone, 
WM5 QVGA Smartphone, WM5 VGA Pocket PC and WM5 QVGA Pocket PC Phone Edition)
Current stable build: 2.5.2265.
Current test build: 2.5.2284 (This one has eBay feeds compatibility issue fixed).


©Alex Lokshin, 2005-2006.

Windows Mobile, PocketPC and Microsoft Smartphone are legal trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.